Princes Simple and Healthy Food Swaps Switch up Family Meals

Princes Simple and Healthy Food Swaps Switch up Family Meals

This kedgeree was another recipe idea suggested by my readers based in my food shop and it was an absolute hit Thankyou everyone who suggested it! The mackerel can be replaced with any smoked or strong fish, and the spices can be swapped out for garam masala or curry powder, whatever you have to hand. The onions lend

This is part spaghetti carbonara, part cauliflower cheese and deliciously golden and moreish. Baking it at the end to melt the cheese isnt essential, but does lift it to a better place. Using hard, strong cheese means that you dont need very much of it, a trick I use quite often. I mean, what is the point of mild

a week in the tummy of jack and sb: what i made and what i have left, day

Dear lovely readers, Every week I get inundated with emails and tweets from readers who have a handful of ingredients in their cupboard, fridge and freezer, and dont know what to make out of them. This week I thought Id turn the tables! Heres what I had already before I went shopping this afternoon please excuse the labels, its how

3 hours ago 1. Preheat the oven to 190C/170Fan/Gas Mark 5. Put the cans of Princes Mackerel in a Spicy Tomato Sauce into a bowl, and break up into chunks. 2. Cook the pasta according to pack instructions until tender, adding the courgette for the final 5 minutes of cooking time.

Tasty recipes made with our products princes limited

Mackerel is delicious in every shape or form an inexpensive, healthy fish that packs a real punch of flavour. A great way to elevate this humble species to restaurant-quality is to prepare it beautifully. Use this step-by-step guide to learn how to fillet a mackerel to perfection.

350g of new potatoes 2 large beetroots 1 celery stick, diced red onion, minced 2 eggs, hard-boiled, chopped 2tbsp of chives, minced 2tbsp of sherry vinegar 2tsp Dijon mustard ​60ml of olive oil 6ml of Greek yoghurt salt pepper

High-satiety foods are a great place to start. Theyre the foods which satiate the appetite and are proven to give you a feeling of fullness over others fish and eggs and brown rice are all good examples. I know Im not the only one who still has space for a cheeseburger after a portion of low-satiety chips. But Im less likely to hunker after a burger after a portion of high-satiety brown rice.

So, we have one more mackerel fillet left. How about this lovely, spicy kedgeree. Would be delicious for either lunch or dinner.I have eaten kedgeree many times, cold in a lunchbox. I love it with a big pile of fresh, crunchy radishes when I have it cold.

I think these 4 dishes are amazing. Delicious lunches or dinners using just half a smoked mackerel fillet for two people. It doesnt look like much when you look at that measly half fillet. But these fish pack such a big punch of flavour, that itspreads itself around and makes a dish taste wonderful. I do hope youlltry them, I enjoyed experimenting and maybe Ill do another 4 recipes, there are plenty more ideas out there!

By making this switch from red meat to fish, it allows families to mix-up their meal choices and try different and exciting foods. Fish is low in saturated fats and high protein, which is great for our bodies and exciting for mealtimes. So how can you help your family try out more fish-fuelled meals while keeping your fussy eaters happy?

Canned fish is the answer it costs less than fresh fish and is a simple, fuss-free way to get those much-needed nutrients onto the menu. Theres a huge variety of different types to choose from, including oily fish, such as salmon and mackerel, a great source of Omega 3, or high in protein fish such as tuna.

A perfect example of a well balanced meal is this jacket potato recipe. In just 25 mins you can whip up a dinner for your family which incorporates protein, vitamins, carbs and essential omega-3s, and who said healthy eating was difficult?

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Recipe for Lemon Pudding Cake with Raspberries. This is one of those kitchen magic recipes A lemony batter separates into a cake layer and a pudding

Recipe for Lemon Pudding Cake with Raspberries. This is one of those kitchen magic recipes A lemony batter separates into a cake layer and a pudding

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